Lowongan Regulatory Affairs Manager-REGAL SPRINGS GROUP

    Regulatory Affairs Manager-REGAL SPRINGS GROUP

    Medan (Sumatera Utara) | Ditayangkan: 05-February-2020 | Tutup pada 06-March-2020

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    Regal Springs is the world’s largest vertically integrated producer of tilapia.  Regal Springs has production sites in Indonesia, Mexico and Honduras, conscientiously harnessing the clean waters of rural areas to produce a consistently high quality product.  Regal Springs sells into all segments of the market in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. It offers a range of tilapia products, under its zero waste policy, including fish scales, fish oil, fish skins, fish meal, filleted and whole fish. As aquaculture gains in global importance for food security, Regal Springs stands out as an industry example of balanced farming.  The company is certified by the highest standards in the industry, and is recognized for going above and beyond in supporting and growing healthy communities through its public health, educational and infrastructural initiatives. 
    For more information about Regal Springs:  http://www.regalsprings.com
    Golden Springs Group, the majority shareholder of Regal Springs Group, acquired majority control of Regal Springs in June 2016 with the goal of transitioning a founder-led culture to an corporate culture with clear corporate strategy best practice sharing, enhanced controls & processes.

    Key Purpose of the Job:
    The Contract Specialist - Regulatory Affairs is an important legal - governance role within Regal Springs Country Management and Group Responsibility & External Affairs functions. The role works very closely with the Country General Manager, Country Regulatory Affairs Manager, External Affairs Department and the Community Department and Procurement Department to support Operations meet their lake and land access and farming permits, licences and agreement requirements and ensure that products for Sales and Marketing are compliant to market access regulatory requirements.
    • Act as the Contract Specialist and Regulatory Affairs  for Jakarta and/or medan office
    • Prepare and drafting templates for business continuity
    • Maintaining and develop the Legal Digital Data Room
    • Maintain an up to date Regulatory Risk Register/Tracker and a Lake and Land access, permit, license and farming Agreement Database
    • Ensure that the business operations and products meet all local, national permits, licenses, agreements, regulations or market entry requirements
    • Conducting regular Legal Due Diligence towards the Business process
    • Work closely with the Country Regulatory Affairs Manager to ensure emerging regulatory legislative risks are communicated in a timely fashion and corrective action taken across the business
    • Partner with External Affairs on regulatory, permit, license, agreement related projects to drive Influencing, Lobbying Campaigns, Reputation Development or Communications strategies to promote Regal Springs ability to access land and lakes for farming and processing
    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Liaising and negotiating with regulatory authorities and community plan stakeholders
    2. Draft contracts or re-negotiating existing agreements involving tactics and strategy, and problem solving when a regulatory or legal opinion is required
    3. Prepare standard Contract Templates for seamless Regal Springs operation
    4. Use the Regulatory Risk Register/Tracker as a time-based management tool to protect the reputation of Regal Springs and ensures that clear actions are escalation into business functions to ensure business continuity is not put at risk
    5. Represent Regal Springs with the agreed local, regional, provincial, state or central government agencies or departments on regulatory matters
    6. Provide Regal Springs management support to external counsel on any litigation matters.
    7. Provide support generally to Legal Counsel on governance and compliance topics: crisis management, risk management and prevention plan review
    8. Alert other Responsibility & External Affairs functions to ensure business responses are in line with Regal Springs Group Policies, commercial and strategy requirements
    9. Writing comprehensible, user-friendly, clear memos, reports or guidance notes
    10. Support the Group Compliance Officer with any anti-corruption and anti bribery related policy drafting as and when needed and any due diligence training that may be needed

    Cooperation seeking applicants

    Sumatera Utara, Indonesia


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